Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Canterbury Province Festival

My thanks go out to all those who helped organise and run the Canterbury Province festival. It was a massive undertaking for our small branch and I believe from the feedback it was as good a festival as any other.
We got a few things wrong after some many months of planning, like we forgot the information in braille for one member, but for the rest we seemed to get it just about right. We had Micheal Golby to thank for much of this. He had done one of these before and using his skills and experience he steered us away from most of the common pitfalls.
The Yellow sashes worn by the branch members made us look distinctive and helped others know who their guides for the day were.
We managed to (after a long time) get our elected chaplain to be admitted as a Branch Chaplain by the Guild Chaplain Rev Canon Maureen Palmer at the event.

My little boy (Paul) all 6ft 3" of him was admitted as a full member of the Guild now he was 18/9 Both my boys seem to stand out in the photos as being rather tall. He is off to university at the moment and exploring Leatherhead in lodgings with some other members of the Guild. Although he won't be around much he might be able to help out another branch for a while.
Karen Cursons, one of our newest members from Leighton Buzzard became a new Full member of the Branch and Guild.

Rosamund Russell, the Branch Secretary, became a full member from previously being an Associate Member.
Together with members of other branches new members of the Guild were admitted at the Lunchtime Eucharist by Rev Canon Maureen Palmer.

We followed the service by a quick walk over to a local restaurant Lussmans.

In the afternoon Guided tours took place for several members, with a special tour for Carol who do a tour on her own, looking at the Cathedral in her own unique way.

The day finished with Choral evensong starting with a procession of Vergers led in by Frank lanes Virge and the Fellows being led in by the Millennium Virge. The Service was led by the boys choir.

The Day finished with the traditional Photograph.

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