Monday, 29 July 2013

Lengthening a Cassock

Unlike many vergers by two sons are a bit younger than the rest and are still growing. This gives problems to the length of cassocks as they need longer and longer ones. My youngest son is 6ft 3" and rather hefty.  Talking to a friend we managed to find Paul and old second hand cassock. Trying to find the width was bad enough but the length as well seemed impossible.

This cassock was just wide enough but was too short. Fortunately my wife is a good seamstress and had some ideas.

The bottom hem had actually been taken up and letting this down added a inch. We undid the bottom seam and this gave a very frayed edge but gave about another 3 inches.

My wife put bias binding over the edge adding another 1cm and protesting the fraying.
 Pinning on the bias Binding, stitching it then folding it over and stitching it again

Adding about 41/2 inches to the bottom hem
Looking better for length. Now to sort out the sleeves.
I undid the lining from the hem

then we repeated the adding the bias binding.
 The finished edge, not a good as the original but
about 2 1/2inches longer.

Now all we have to do is get rid of some of the holes.

This will require some darning and patching to give the best possible finish.

Now this is finished all that is required is the movement of four buttons to give a slightly better fit and my some will have a "new cassock".

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